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Constitution Party State Chair to run for IL Governor

December 30, 2016. Springfield, IL (ONN) Randy Stufflebeam is one of the more proven and influential leaders of the Constitution Party. He is the Midwest Regional Chair as well as the State Chairman of the Constitution Party …

Third Parties reshuffle Rankings after 2016 Election

(ONN) Now that all of the 2016 Presidential election ballots have been counted and certified, including write-ins, we can see which opposition third parties grew, shrunk or stayed the same. With two unpopular candidates nomin…

Third Parties join Jan 20 anti-Trump Inauguration Protest

December 18, 2016. Washington, DC (ONN) America’s opposition right is warning that their counterparts on the left are planning a Tet Offensive style uprising on January 20, the day Donald Trump will be inaugurated as US Presi…

Free and Equal’s Tobin calls Jill Stein Unethical

Milwaukee, WI (ONN). Christina Tobin, founder of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, had some unusually harsh words for Green Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein. In an interview released yesterday with Luke Rudkowski …

2016 Presidential Vote Totals for all 31 Candidates

Washington, DC (ONN) 31 people ran for US President in 2016 and had their names appear on at least one state ballot. Donald Trump was declared the winner, but Hillary Clinton received the most votes. Here are the vote totals …
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Libertarian Party

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Green Party

March 28th
Instead of tweaks for Obamacare, Greens urge big push for Medicare For All: Everybody in, nobody out, pay less, live longer WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green Party leaders called on Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.-Ind.) to introduce a bill in the U.S. Senate for Single…
March 28th
Cleveland OH: The Green Party of Ohio has observed with interest the false "debate" that has occurred in Washington DC and in statehouses around the country. We realize that the "Affordable Care Act", better known as Obamacare, is a flawed law that has n…

Constitution Party

March 9th
Info for the Constitution Party of Texas State Conference
February 25th
Join us May 5th-6th for our Spring National Committee Meeting!

Peace & Freedom Party

March 27th
Posted on March 27, 2017 by the Alameda County Central Committee On Saturday, April 1, the Alameda County Peace and Freedom Party and Movement presents "The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming?" The speakers are Rick Sterling, Syria Solidarity Mo…
January 22nd
By Roger D. Harris Posted on January 22, 2017 by the Communications Committee January 5, 2017 - The pre-inaugural madness before Donald Trump occupies the oval office makes one nostalgic for the craziness of the campaign season, despite the latter being…

Party for Socialism & Liberation

March 29th
The Democratic Party censored anti-capitalist messaging by doctoring a photo of a socialist party’s newspaper at an anti-Trump protest, which the right-wing party then tried to use for its own public relations. It backfired.
March 28th
Some journalists have asked if we are going sue the DNC to demand they take down the Tweet. We’ve said: no, leave it up — let the whole world see what they're up to.

Reform Party

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Legal Marijuana Now Party

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Socialist Workers Party

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Veterans Party

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American Solidarity Party

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Prohibition Party

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America's Party

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Workers World Party

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American Party

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Socialist Party