Constitution Party State Chair to run for IL Governor



By Mark Wachtler

Randy Stufflebeam, Constitution Party of Illinois State Chair and 2018 candidate for Illinois Governor.

December 30, 2016. Springfield, IL (ONN) Randy Stufflebeam is one of the more proven and influential leaders of the Constitution Party. He is the Midwest Regional Chair as well as the State Chairman of the Constitution Party of Illinois. Stufflebeam recently announced he is running for the office of Illinois Governor in 2018. He’s not just leading by example, he’s also launching his campaign as early as possible – two things that will help him in his two-year-long quest for the Governorship.

Randy Stufflebeam is no stranger to fighting for the Constitution Party and its candidates. He’s been at the forefront of a number of ballot access battles against the Republican Party, most notably his own bids for Governor in 2006 and for US Senate in 2010. In both instances, Stufflebeam and the Constitution Party were denied ballot access even though they appeared to have more than satisfied the requirements.

In 2006, Randy Stufflebeam received 19,020 write-in votes in his campaign for Illinois Governor. Four years later, he ran for US Senate. In that effort, state law required independent and third party candidates to submit 25,000 valid petition signatures to be listed on the election ballot – a far greater number than Democrats and Republicans need to submit. Randy Stufflebeam submitted 34,000 signatures. The Republicans challenged and were successful in knocking him off the ballot.

Born in Chicago and raised in Illinois, Randy Stufflebeam spent 22 years in the US Marine Corps. His campaign website goes on to detail, ‘It wasn’t long after his retirement in 2003 that he discovered that the domestic enemies of our constitution are more vile and evil than any foreign enemy we have ever faced. In an effort to wage a war against the enemies of our Constitution, Stufflebeam has chosen to do so through the Constitution Party; a party with a fidelity for our Constitutions.  He has been the Chairman of the Constitution Party of Illinois, Chairman of the Midwestern United States Region, and Vice-Chairman of the national party.’

Why run for Illinois Governor? Randy Stufflebeam’s campaign announcement answers, ‘Illinois is known as one of the most corrupt states in the Union.  Four of the last ten governors have been sent to prison.  To many, our state has become the laughing stock of the nation.  When asked why he stays in Illinois, Stufflebeam has jokingly responded, “It’s a Marine’s paradise to be surrounded by the enemy…”’

It goes on to explain, ‘The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results.  Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”  It’s time to think outside the box and the box is the two-party-system that seems more like the left wing and the right wing of the same bird flying the wrong direction.’

For more information, visit Randy Stufflebeam’s campaign website at For more information on the Constitution Party of Illinois, visit

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