Free and Equal’s Tobin calls Jill Stein Unethical



By Mark Wachtler

Christina Tobin, founder of the Free And Equal Elections Foundation.

Milwaukee, WI (ONN). Christina Tobin, founder of the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, had some unusually harsh words for Green Party Presidential nominee Jill Stein. In an interview released yesterday with Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change, Tobin recalls her past friendship with Stein. But she says the 2016 Green Party nominee has turned her back on the Greens and embraced the Democrats with her profit-driven vote recount campaign.

CNBC reported today that Jill Stein’s recount effort had raised $3.5 million so far. Rudkowski and We Are Change report the number at just under $7 million. Regardless of how much Stein has raised, all are pointing to what they describe as “the fine print”. They, including Tobin, point out that all money raised and not spent on the vote recount effort, will go into Jill Stein’s pocket.

Jill Stein going rogue

“We have new information, breaking information from our intrepid investigative journalist Cassandra Fairbanks that was able to get her hands on internal communications from the Green Party showing how Jill Stein went rogue,” Luke Rudkowski began the interview, “How Green Party members are not okay with this move. How she did it undemocratically and behind their back. And to add insult to injury, we have also officially found out that Jill Stein did not even go after Green Party lawyers for this recount. But actually hired the former Michigan Democratic Party Chairman to run this recount, obviously a huge conflict of interest.”

When asked her opinion, Free and Equal’s Christina Tobin replied, “I think it’s important for the people to really know internally what’s going on. And I think what, unfortunately, Jill Stein is doing, the way she’s going about doing it, is not ethical.”

Tobin goes on to say of Stein, “It pains me to say this, I feel she has sold out one hundred percent.” Tobin says she blames some of the individuals Jill Stein surrounds herself with these days, especially Stein’s campaign manager David Cobb who, “is just not a good person.”

Blowing off the debate

After reminding viewers that she actually worked for the Jill Stein campaign this year and helped get the Green nominee on the ballot in seven states, Free and Equal’s Christina Tobin takes issue with Stein’s agreeing to participate in the Free and Equal Presidential debate and then not showing up.

“She also spoke and participated in our 2012 debate you may recall, moderated by Larry King and myself,” Tobin explains, “She got more attention, more press attention during that debate than her entire campaign in 2012. So, to forget your friends or to say you’re going to be a part of a debate, like she gave me her word that she would, and then she didn’t come. That lacks accountability and she broke my trust.”

The money

“It pains me to say this,” Tobin says of Jill Stein, “But she just can’t be trusted. If she breaks her promise to myself and Free And Equal Elections, she’s capable, and seems to be, breaking her promise to the American people.”

Christina Tobin goes on to bring up the millions of dollars suddenly bestowed upon Jill Stein by desperate anti-Trump voters hoping to discover enough fraudulent or uncounted votes to swing the election to Hillary Clinton. “The fact that the seven million or so she’s raised in a matter of days, in the small print it says that any excess money will go to her foundation. It’s kind of like the Hillary Clinton Foundation.”

Jill Stein explains

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press asking her about her recount effort in Michigan, the paper pointed out 84,000 Michigan ballots where the voter left their Presidential choice blank, meaning they didn’t vote for anyone in that race. Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton by only 10,704 votes.

“Exactly,” Jill Stein replied, speaking of the large number of blank ballots, “That is quite an unusual number. This is breaking records, blowing through the roof. This may be a tip-off, or a red flag that there's either been machine error, or in some cases tampering.”

Stein went on to explain, “It's an answer to the widespread distrust and cynicism, frankly, that is pretty pervasive these days. Confidence is at an all-time low. After this very divisive election, one thing that people feel good about that we can do right now is ensure that our votes were properly counted and that we can have confidence in this very bitter and divisive election."

Wisconsin has already begun their recount at Stein’s request. Michigan will begin shortly, and Pennsylvania is also being targeted for a recount. The below interview with Christina Tobin and Luke Rudkowski is compliments of


Christina Tobin of Free & Equal  with Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change.


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